Drum Day


1. ACCELERATION • Sotos   6:15

2. SWAY • Michael Zegas    4:57

3. KOSTAKIS (for Kostas Kouvidis) • Yiannis Oikonomidis 7:08

4. SLOW ROCKET • Vasso Dimitriou 5:40

5. ZENO POINT • Sakis Zachariades 5:54

6. FULLMOON • Yiannis Oikonomidis 4:46

7. EMILY R (for Emily Bemler) • Vasso Dimitriou 4:58

8. WELCOME HOME • Michael Zegas 7:54

Sotos Koutsounanos Acceleration
Sotos Koutsounanos

All the compositions in my first personal album are purposed to feature my drumming style and influences. Besides my ecceptional teacher Kostas Anastasiadis , I was influenced by Steve Gadd, Horacio el Negro Hernadez, Vinie Colaiuta and many many others. Also exploring the polyrhythmic genres of my hometown Kozani and studying the rhythms of India, enriched my music vocabulary and expanded my perception in music. Keeping the groove solid and strong but still exploring the sounds and potentials of the drum set is my basic principal and philosophy

I had the joy and great fortune to visit Sotos in New York while chiseling his musical influences with the East Coast drumming. There we first discussed the creation of this C.D and the days of dreams came to life once again through Sotos. I consider a great honor to coexist with all these wonderful musicians and friends during the creation of this C.D. My beloved Sotos I wish the best your life and all the success to your first album's release.  Vasso Dimitriou

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Thank you to all the musicians and friends that contributed with their music and talents to the creation of my first album
Also thank you to Gely Chatzialexandrou for the Graphics of the album and Dimitris Vavliaras for the wonderful cover photo. A special thank you to Vasso Dimitriou. She was the spark for this project !

Sotos Koutsounanos drums
Yiannis Oikonomidis . trumpet, flugelhorn (tracks 1,
Christos Rafalides  vibes (tracks 5, 7)
George Tzoukas  piano & keys (tracks 1,2,4)
Vasso Dimitriou   guitar (tracks 4, 7)
Michael Zegas  guitar (tracks 2,8)
Sakis Zachariades guitar (tracks 1,5,6)
Lakis Tzimkas bass (track 1)
Mixalis Avlonitis  bass (tracks 2,8)
Vasilis Koutsonanos bass (track 5)
Dimitris Christonis  bass (tracks 4,5,6,7)
Liberta Jazz 0006 Liberta Music
Recorded Mixed & Mastered by Sakis Stefanidis,
Mozani Spring of 2021
Produced by Sotos Koutsounanos
AII music published worldwide by Liberta Music
Horns in track land 8 were arranged by Yiannis Oikonomidis
Cover Photo by Dimitris Vavliaras
Graphics by Cely Chatzialexandrou
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